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Starpoint Gemini - Review @ IronHammers

by Dhruin, 2011-04-23 00:13:59

A site called IronHammers has a review of Starpoint Gemini. The score is 3/5 and here's a sample:

The story is roughly 30 missions long but will probably get a bit tedious if you simply hammer through these missions one after another as there’s a lot of travel time. I think Starpoint Gemini can be best enjoyed if you punctuate the missions with what the game really does best — customising and adventuring with your ship. Starpoint Gemini offers a fantastic array of perks, upgrades and additions for you to check out on your ship. For example, as the captain, you level up and unlock different combat manoeuvres and stat upgrades, you can hire crew who each come with their own plus points, you can upgrade all the features of your ship (weapons, sensors, grappling beams etc) or you can trade in your old ship for a shiny new one ( I believe there’s in excess of fifty different ships available). Another nice thing about adventuring with your ship is you can choose how you wish to earn your credits  and afford the upgrades you’re after. There’s money to be made mining from asteroids, salvaging from debris, completing side quests from the space stations scattered about the galaxy or even engaging in a little inter-galactic piracy. All in all a lot of little things that you can try to figure out which suits you best.

Source: Blues News

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