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The Witcher 2 - First Impressions @ Plugheadnet, Gametrailers

by Aries100, 2011-04-24 13:10:19

Plughead.net has a first impressions article for this game. Here's a few highlights:

  • The preview build already supports Witcher 1 saves, and it found all of my multiple ones already. I simply chose from a short list which one I wanted.
  • First thing’s first: it’s great. In case there was any doubt.
  • And now for the important stuff: there’s a naked woman in the first two minutes of the game. Absolutely full-on nudity that in games you would only usually see in crap German “erotic” titles. Earning your Mature rating there, CD Projekt!
  • And here's some more:

  • The opening battle is incredible. It really feels like there’s a war on… but a puny war’s not enough for CD Projekt. No spoilers.
  • Geralt is voiced by the same actor as in The Witcher. A few other characters from the first game appear, but I’m not sure if they have the same actors (I think so though).
  • Either way, they’re all fine. The writing and the acting is even more believable than Bioware’s – and this has proper swearing in it.
  • Gametrailers have their own first impressions of the game. One is a trailer about the environments in the game; the other is a combat overview trailer. Be sure to check these out, as they're definetely a must see.

    Thanks to Mechanical Lemon and funcroc over at Obsidian's forums in this thread for mentioning this.


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