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Soldak Entertainment - Next Game Hints

by Dhruin, 2011-05-03 22:39:03

Steven Peeler from Soldak has been dropping hints about their next game in this thread. The hints include:

New game hint: you will probably be human, although there are other races.

New game hint: the setting is pretty dark.

Next game hint - I'm pretty sure it will have a very dynamic environment (quests, ai, events, etc).

New game hint: probably more effects than last game (from weapons, skills, explosions, etc.).

Last new game hint for today: will probably play as a mercenary.

Next game hint: lots of open spaces.

Next game hint: will include a mode of transport other than on foot.

I'm running out of hints for our next game, how about some potential unit names: Behemoth, Enforcer, Guardian, Talon, and Valkyrie.

Any bets on a space-based trader, somerthing along the lines of Space Rangers?

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