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Age of Decadence - May Update, Video

by Dhruin, 2011-05-04 23:34:54

Age of Decadence artist Oscar has posted a May update for the game, along with a video showing some new combat animations. Here's a partial snip and head to their forums for the rest:

Welcome to the second monthly update for AoD! Yes, we made it to the second one, and we'll continue with them until the game is out.

So, what have we been doing in the past month?

We spent some our time bugfixing and improving the combat. We ironed out some rare bugs (looping AI, freezes, crashes), along with some minor ones, and we are working hard on making a good target selection for the AI, especially in group combats. We are also working on group communication and combat awareness of the NPCs. We also added a bonus to range when attacking from different floors, so beware of the archers in the towers!

We practically removed the loading screens from Teron, so the game will provide a seamless experience instead of being cut by loading screens. For example, the first quest for the Imperial Guards. Before, you had the briefing, then a loading screen when you went to the site of battle, and then another when you get back. Apart from the loading screens, there was a small "hang" when the levels loaded all the textures and models on it, which looked VERY bad. Now the whole sequence plays out smoothly, with a nice fadeout between them and no hangs of any kind.

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