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Grimoire - Latest Update

by Corwin, 2011-05-05 04:51:54

Cleve has updated his site with the latest on Grimoire. It's not too long, so here's the full text:

Bloodshot eyeballs bulging out from fatigue, item editing myself into institution, drooling down chin, slack-jawed Lovecraftian style Innsmouth look of editing madness …… and still the item editing goes on.

943 items. I’ve got utilities now that give me charts by class and type showing me cost in gold pieces, comparisons of armor and spells, bonus modifiers. Checking and double checking and checking again, worked my way from one end to the other making sure the data is set correctly for each and every one.

Biggest things to emerge from the walkthrough is how many items were incomplete/blank/incorrectly set, causing crashes or other errant behaviours. There were items in there that had their class set back in 1998 and had not been touched since.

Then testing items in game. In combat. In quest mode. Designing merge tables for thaumaturges, implementing new workbench features and testing them against targets, checking prices to see if they were coming up right with NPCs, bartering, etc.

Etc. etc. etc. Nightmarish. Moving lego blocks in hell. Repetitive. Boring. Editing some more items. Then testing and checking. Editing more. Like Bill Murray in Groundhog Day. Every day I wake up and that song by Sonny and Cher is playing and it’s back to editing the items. Editing. Then testing. Testing as monster weapons. Testing as player weapons. Editing some more.

No wonder I’ve been procrastinating this chore for so long. It was mindnumbingly dull back in 1997. Nobody works on an RPG this long. It’s insane. Tomorrow will be the same as today. More item editing. Testing. Editing.

“I got you babe. I got you babe.”

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