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The Witcher 2 - Roundup #2

by Dhruin, 2011-05-10 22:21:09

Here's a collection of Witcher 2 items.

First, GameBanshee let us know they have a preview based on playing the preview code:

Before I get into the more intricate details, I can't help but spend a little time on just how amazing the game looks. With the settings cranked up to "High" (the "Ultra" settings had some instability issues in the early build I played), the characters, buildings, and environments all look spectacular. The amount of painstaking detail that went into crafting the early battle landscapes, the La Valette Castle courtyard, the town of Flotsam and its wilderness, and other such areas is simply staggering. With the addition of even more realistic day/night transitions and weather effects (blurred vision during torrential rain, anyone?) than we saw in the first game, The Witcher 2 is easily the best-looking RPG I've ever played. And I say that without any hesitation.

Zohaib notes this article at Hooked Gamers, claiming the games has been leaked but there's a backlash against the pirated release.

Most importantly, you can now preload (and actually buy) the game from GOG. It's a 9.6Gb download but with the game unlocked on the 17th, there's plenty of time.

In related news, GOG has switched off IP user location detection, which means Aussies buying from them won't have to get the censored version (although I note they have still use it to charge the new, increased price if you didn't preorder).

There's a new "French Monk" teaser trailer.

Lastly, for the moment, VoodooExtreme has a combat-focused video dev diary.

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