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Deus Ex: Human Revolution - Is it an RPG?

by Dhruin, 2011-05-11 22:14:01

GamePro has an article titled Is Deus Ex Human Revolution an RPG? They explore several different RPG element in what is ultimately a standard preview article. The result? A little from "column A", a little from "column B":

That doesn't mean that the stats aren't there, they're just hidden away. If an RPG is all about getting a peek underneath the hood of a game and seeing all the moving parts, then Deus Ex has sealed that hood up tight. Ultimately, it's true to the original game, and the augmentation does seem to have a big impact on character development. But as far as customization goes, RPG fans who aren't familiar with the series might want to temper their expectations.

As was discussed earlier, Deus Ex goes out of its way to discourage actual combat. One way it does this by making it possible to negotiate with the bad guys rather than put a bullet in their head. And that's exactly what happens at the end of one of the opening missions.

After working my way through a factory (I ended up killing everyone because I'm terrible at stealth), I met the leader of the terrorist group. The first he thing he did was grab a woman and put her a gun to her head, putting me in a delicate situation. I could rush in and try to fight him, or I could try and talk him down.

I mentioned earlier that stats are nowhere to be found, but they do have a role to play. You can see them working during the conversation, when the terrorist leader considers your words for a moment, then shakes his head and holds firm. Put a point into the "social" augmentation, and hostage negotiations are obviously much more likely to be successful.

Thanks also to Zohaib for a similar submission.

Whilst we're on DX:HR, here's a couple of other items around the net. Rock, Paper, Shotgun has 10 Things You'll Think Playing Deus Ex 3:

“This game isn’t just good, it’s fantastic.”

This is the obvious one. The art design is gorgeous, there’s loads to explore, and the whole package is so polished you can see your grinning face in it.

Better still, while the bugs you’d expect to find in code that hasn’t finished the full gauntlet of quality assurance were present, almost none of them affected how the game plays. No crashes to desktop, no guards being alerted while I was behind cover, no broken quests. Just the camera occasionally placing itself inside an NPC’s mouth, and the wrong text appearing underneath tutorial videos. Eidos Montreal could release this game tomorrow and it it’d still be in a better state than plenty of PC releases.

As for the game proper, after ten hours spent guiding protagonist Adam Jensen through dangerous conversations (his asbestos growl occasionally reveals a Detroit twang), as well as unforgiving infiltrations, a few firefights and an implausible number of air vents, I was left hungry. Both metaphorically – I was having an incredible time, and right on the cusp of fully removing the first layer of Human Revolution’s conspiracy – and literally.

I started playing Human Revolution on Saturday morning. I’d come home with a hangover, having eaten no breakfast. I didn’t stop to eat anything until late in the evening. It’s been a long time since a game’s managed to starve me like that.

...and Games On Net has a preview and IGN has Questing in Deus Ex: HR.

In true Deus Ex tradition, Human Revolution isn't just a first-person action game sprinkled with choices to make about which weapons to use. Role-playing game-style exploration appears to be a big part of the experience. The street section of Detroit is surprisingly large and filled with all sorts of hidden pathways, important locations and multiple side quests that are only picked up through interaction with the city's residents. There's even a basketball half-court with a ball you can pick up and shoot, which I'm assuming is a tongue-in-cheek reference to Invisible War, the second Deus Ex game.

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