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The First Templar - Reviews

by Dhruin, 2011-05-13 00:40:24

Here's a trio of The First Templar Reviews. No major sites yet but it's a start. Zohaib points out this first one at GamerBuzz with a score of 7.5/10:

I actually enjoyed romping around medieval grounds with a heretic at my side. Looking at Kalypso Media’s history of games, I was surprised when they brought a co-op medieval hack n’ slash to the gaming table; they deserve another notch on their belt. The game is a solid adventure with great combat cut scenes. I would recommend this game to any soul that enjoys epic quests. It’s a great stab at the genre; I just wish it didn’t bear so much resemblance to AC.  If you like medieval stories, then you should pick up a copy.

Geek of the Day are less impressed, suggesting you buy Assassin's Creed instead. A snip on linearity:

While playing through the varying different levels of towns, keeps, crypts, tunnels, swamps, burning forests, and castles (some burning, some not), I was disappointed with the bushes, rocks, fences, and every other part of the environment restricting my movements; there were ladders that could not be climbed, rivers that could not be forged, doorways that could not be passed through, and areas that could not be accessed, blocked by invisible forces. Alas, there were several texture errors, where it seems that you could see through stone walls, or you character would be floating above the ground of some stone ramp, and while not a perfectionist myself, I would expect that programmers would better field-test these issues, as it is an instant mood-killer.

I also felt more like I was being corralled, guided along a specific path. In today’s game world, gamers want to feel like they’ve made the decision to go in a specific direction, not herded along like third-person cattle. While there were some vast landscapes, and diverse environmental settings, I still had restricted paths, and only in a few situations could I flank the opponents.

The UK Sun has a micro-review but the score is roughly consistent at 3.5/5:

A well-made game, justifying the revised release date.

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