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Dungeon Siege 3 - Hands-on @ Eurogamer

by Dhruin, 2011-05-13 22:54:23

Eurogamer has a look at Dungeon Siege 3, based on 10 hours with the preview code:

Dungeon Siege slots into the space in between these two extremes. Never quite big enough to attract Diablo-level passion (the movie adaptation fell to Uwe Boll, after all), but too ambitious in scope to fit comfortably with the new download aesthetic.

As it turns out, Dungeon Siege III looks set to define the middle ground. In a good way. Based on ten hours of roaming around the latest preview build, it looks like a robust, well-paced and carefully balanced dungeon crawl with a decent storyline and a journey that takes you through dozens of varied environments.

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