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Fable 3 - Now Available, Reviews and More

by Dhruin, 2011-05-17 21:54:19

The PC release of Fable III is now available in NA and on digital systems such as Steam, Games for Windows and Direct2Drive.

On to reviews. IGN's review subtitle is "A royal disappointment" and the score is 6/10:

The problems start with the characters, a majority of whom are walking cliches distinguished more by their style of clothing and accents than their actions. What should theoretically be a gut-wrenching decision as I consider whether or not to ignore their demands and promote child labor or establish a brothel falls flat. With the exception of my mentor and frequent companion Walter along with Logan, the villain king, the characters are imbued with such one-dimensional personalities that few feel like anything more than diorama props. When, as king, I break my promise, it's tough to feel anything but the key underneath my finger to input a command that tells them to get lost.

Worthplaying also has a review, although they appreciated it a more with a score of 7.9/10- although that seems generous given some of the comments:

While the porting process didn't harm the game, Fable III has a solid yet decidedly dated core. Combat is fun but has a slew of issues that detract from what it otherwise could have been, and that's a sentiment that could just as easily to be applied to most of the game. Fable III is a good game that is worth diving into, and you'll end up having a great time right up to the conclusion. At the same time, it feels like a game that tries to do too many great things and just settles on being decent instead.

Lastly, Eurogamer has an interview that discusses the reception, piracy vs used game sales and more:

But if you want a fun, wide game... And that's the thing, if you play [Fable III] to finish it as soon as possible, Fable won't give you as good a game as Oblivion. But if you play the game to enjoy the world, try everything and play all the little bits and bobs hidden around the game, you'll have a much more fun experience.

Every time you finish playing Fable you'll have a smile on your face. Every time you play Oblivion you'll say "I enjoyed my time there but now I want to go play something fun". [Fable III is] a different type of game: it's more of a fun, comedic TV show than a serious Lord of the Rings film. I think a lot of people that play it think it's a Lord of the Rings - and it isn't.

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