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Faery - Demo Released, Reviews

by Dhruin, 2011-05-17 22:01:12

Wow, busy day today with new stuff. Worthplaying has a demo of the RPG/Adventure Faery: Legends of Avalon. The file is 650Mb and here's the blurb:

This trial version offers you the chance to explore the island of Avalon, and to complete the first main & side quests from the great adventure that awaits you. This demo is available in English, German, Spanish, Italian and French!

In Faery: Legends of Avalon, the player plays as an elf or a fairy that will evolve during the story, through numerous quests and epic turn-based battles. Throughout the adventure, the player will customize his avatar thanks to a unique system changing not only the whole look of the character in every detail, but also its spells and special abilities!

The player will recruit various companions during his journey to assist him in his mission, and he will be given the chance to explore mythical places full of magic such as the World Tree, the famous 'Flying Dutchman' ghost ship, and many others, in order to try to understand why the Kingdom of Avalon is dying.

IGN as quick off the mark with a review and the score is 7/10 - quite decent for a small game from a major site like IGN. Turn-based combat, too, which I'd forgotten:

Fighting is turn-based and the attacks you can use are dictated by action points. As you level up you'll gain more action points to use per turn so you can unleash stronger spells and physical attacks. The more powerful spells require a recharge time, so you can't spam them. One weird thing is that if you select an enemy to attack and he or she dies before you can unleash it, the spell won't default to the next enemy; instead you'll just skip the rest of your turn.

There are a lot of fights to pick, small dungeons to crawl and plenty of boss battles to engage in, and for the most part they're pretty entertaining. You'll also pick two different companions to join you on your adventure out of six characters you'll meet along your journey. Ranging from a baby dragon to a peace-loving troll, gaining the love of certain companions can result in a romance, though there's never so much as a kiss exchanged.

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