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Fable 3 - Review Roundup

by Dhruin, 2011-05-18 23:34:29

A small collection of Fable III reviews from the last day or so.

Neoseeker sends in their critique, which carries a score of 7/10. On the lack of real exploration:

The structure is largely linear: you can explore some areas but between the 'glowing quest trail' (optional, though a bug forces you to disable it each time if you prefer it off), your dog hinting you toward treasure, a selectable quest list, and the fast travel option, you won't be doing much of it. On the one hand, this ruins the sense of wonder I'm used to in RPGs; on the other, it's terribly convenient for those that prefer to more or less breeze through games.

PC Advisor UK say the "heavy-handed story will may leave a bad taste" but the score is still 4/5:

Fable III comes off as the weaker game when held up to Fable II's core ideals: role-playing is all about making choices, right? You can choose a "good" interaction like hugging someone or a "bad" interaction like farting in their face, and the idea is that you as the player are exercising personal expression through your character. But though Fable III lets you make the choices, it never lets you off the leash – you will become king or queen, the bad thing that's supposed to happen will happen, and no matter how much of a paragon or renegade you are, you cannot choose to do something other than make or spend money.

Strategy Informer were reasonably impressed with 8/10 their rating:

Despite these drawbacks to the mechanics of Fable III, the world of Albion still has a crazy amount of charm with nooks and crannies to go exploring and spelunking, although the lack of maps within a region can make said exploration a tad difficult sometimes when you can’t for the life of you figure out how the heck to get to a certain area of a cave to loot another silver key or chest. The new continent of Aurora is a real highlight of the game thanks to its environment and feel, and again, hopefully Lionhead will stick with the sandy old land and develop it even more in the next Fable.

Inc Gamers says 7/10:

But, is it worth your money?

Well, as per usual, that depends on you. As I said, this is still Fable III which means it's as divisive as ever. It's a casual action-RPG that leans very heavily towards 'casual': there's no death penalty, and while there's a lot to do, there's not a lot of depth to any of it. To some, this won't matter – once you get past the appallingly slow opening sections there's a lot of fun in buying up property, making royal decisions, and completing some well-written and genuinely amusing quests (with most major characters voiced by the cream of British celebrity-dom). It's a game that's very, very easy to sink hours into when you meant to just hop in for a few minutes.

On the other hand, it's not a hard game and it certainly substitutes depth for breadth. There's a lot to do, but none of it's particularly engaging, and this will doubtless turn some off. If this doesn't faze you, and you simply want to venture into a well-defined and amusing fantasy world and mess about with it to see what happens, you'll have a great time. If you're interested, then don't be put off by the conversion.

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