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Deus Ex: Human Revolution - Preview @ Ars Technica

by Dhruin, 2011-05-18 23:41:15

Fighting the Past is a new preview of Deus Ex: Human Revolution at Ars Technica:

When I played the first 10 hours of Deus Ex: Human Revolution, the weight of the first game colored my expectations. The original Deus Ex was a PC exclusive—it's sad how quaint that sounds to modern ears—and it was beloved in its time. The game doesn't hold up very well graphically, nor does the voice acting do the game any favors, but it's always viewed through heavily rose-tinted glasses. The sequel had the opposite problem, as it's remembered for being a massive let-down.

So it was tricky to get rid of all that baggage and play Human Revolution on its own terms. We have very good news for fans of the series, though: what we've played captures the feel of the first game, and it plays like how we imagine the original game played the first time. While this is early code and I didn't play the entire game, there was enough here to move the game from curiosity status to "must have now" in my internal list of releases. Let's take a look at why it left such a positive impression.

In other news, IGN has a 5-page extract from Issue #4 of the comic book series from DC Comics.

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