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Atari - Offloading Cryptic Studios

by Dhruin, 2011-05-20 00:48:56

This was sent in earlier in the week by Kalniel but I've been swamped this week - apologies to anyone if your link has been missed. Gamasutra reports Atari has released their latest earnings report, which lists MMO studio Cryptic as a "discontinued operation". Our interest comes from Neverwinter, which Gamasutra says is still ongoing "for the time being":

As part of an earnings report today, Atari announced it is divesting of its interest in Champions Online developer Cryptic Studios, calling the development house a "discontinued operation" as of March 31.

Atari will continue to support all current Cryptic products while the publisher looks to sell the studio, Gamasutra understands. Development on the Bay Area studio's Neverwinter project will continue as normal for the time being.

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