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The Witcher 2 - Roundup #6

by Dhruin, 2011-05-20 02:36:59

Zohaib sent in this list of early Witcher 2 reviews at VG247 a couple of days back. Hit up the link for the full set but I'm going to break out the one from NowGamer, because it has the lowest score at 8.4/10, although they don't really expand on any negatives:

As a follow-up to a hardcore classic, The Witcher 2 retains the distinctive charm of the original while trimming back the excess. Its combat system isn’t as complicated and its world isn’t as open-ended.

This could read like a list of negatives on paper, but, in execution, these cuts have produced a fantasy adventure that feels focused and significantly more polished. And compared to its recent rivals, Assassins of Kings has handled the jump to greater accessibility with more finesse.

If we have to make a single criticism, however, it’s that The Witcher 2 leaves you wanting more than it offers. A 40-hour completion time isn’t anything to sniff at, but when this includes most of the side-quests, you can’t help but draw comparisons to the lengthier epics of BioWare and Bethesda.

PC Gamer has a review with a score of 89%. Here's the intro:

The Witcher 2 is a game that shoots for the sun while its rivals are still lining up their sights on the moon. It’s an AAA RPG with an indie soul, and a charged, exciting adventure you can really sink your teeth into, admire, and for the most part, love. From the raw technical wizardry of the engine, to tent walls rippling in the breeze and villagers running for cover when it rains, it’s a game built with burning, red-raw passion and exactly one goal. To be the best RPG ever, whatever it takes.

Ultimately, it falls short of that, but not without giving it a damn good go. Over its 20-30 hours of almost relentlessly superb moments, Witcher 2 raises almost every bar it can get its hands on. It’s let down by only two things: an undercooked combat system, and a story resolution that it actually hurts to watch. The rest is simply amazing, from the beautiful writing to the gorgeous visuals, meaningful choices, and a world that feels like a real place that exists beyond the game’s limitations.

Shacknews says a patch will be released next week that adds keyboard mapping and mouse inversion - I know some readers will appreciate that.

Witcher2Game explores the combat in their Day 2 examination.

The Witcher Vault has the full soundtrack, including bonus tracks, for you to listen to.

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