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Obsidian Entertainment - PS:T, Alpha Protocol 2 Comments

by Dhruin, 2011-05-23 14:30:01

For some reason sites are chasing non-existent games from Obsidian. GameBanshee sends word they followed up Chris Avellone for his thoughts on a return to the Plansescape universe (assuming such a thing would ever happen):

The Planescape universe provides a lot of opportunities for great narratives and adventures. As such, Torment shouldn't be a constraint for further adventures in the universe - the story in Torment I felt ended as it should, and I wouldn't want to do a narrative follow-up to that title. The Planescape universe is a little too rich to start imposing a sequel framework on it like that.

Again, this is exactly what he said in 2007.

For the other item, Zohaib writes about a newsbit at Nowgamer that quotes Feargus Urquhart as saying they'd be up for Alpha Protocol 2, if the opportunity presented (which it won't):

When asked if he’d ever go back and revisit old IP, Urquhart admits that he would happily make a sequel to the spy game. “Of course. We’re not making Alpha Protocol 2 but I would make Alpha Protocol 2. To do a job like this, sometimes you have to be optimistic, you have to look to the future and say ‘We can do better.’ And I always believe that.”

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