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Dark Messiah: MP Beta and Other Updates

by Dhruin, 2006-08-29 23:41:00
The US Might & Magic portal has announced a multiplayer beta. The accompanying link heads off to GameSpot, where you'll find a GameSpot Exclusive Beta Giveaway offering a chance to win one of 5000 keys, and an update that the test has been postponed to August 30 at 9am PT. You will apparently need to be a "totalaccess" subscriber, which obviously entails payment.

In other Dark Messiah updates, the Might & Magic UK site has two new parts of their Community Q&A, a new Kevin video (direct link) and a Necromancer datacard. Here's a bit from the Q&A:
Znork: Why make Dark Messiah instead of Might & Magic X?

Because we are making Dark Messiah does not mean that there will be no Might&Magic X in the future. Developing an RPG like Might&Magic is a very long and challenging process, especially if you want to renew your approach on the genre. We made Dark Messiah because there was an opportunity to bring a new approach to fantasy gaming, to make it more immersive and action-oriented.

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