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Dungeons of Dredmor - Answering Unasked Questions

by Dhruin, 2011-05-27 00:48:38

Answering Unasked Questions is a new post at the Dredmor site - although I can assure the team the eyebrows question has been asked! A sample:

“What’s up with the eyebrows?”

They took on a life of their own. Originally the eyebrows were fairly large due to making art based on up-sizing the Hero sprite whose features were necessarily exaggerated to be visible in tiny pixel art form. Then from there … oh, from there they just grew and grew. I think we thought it was funny to make them bigger. It’s like how wizards and Russian politicians have huge eyebrows because they’re so powerful. We were drinking a lot of coffee; it made sense.

You get used to it. Takes time.

(And about FLCL: Our eyebrows showed up before I’d heard of FLCL. I’m not an anime/manga guy at all so this similarity had to be pointed out to me.)

“Is there Permadeath?”

Yes. It is an option you can enable.

“Why is this game so silly?”

It just happened this way. Maybe it’s just the chemistry our team has together. Granted though, the game was probably made from the start to have some levity to it — see the monster animations as a starting point. We rolled with it.

Really, the silliness is probably due to three guys being stuck in a basement with piles of caffeinated drinks and listening to totally awesome fantasy metal.

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