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Avadon - Review @ RPS

by Dhruin, 2011-05-27 22:37:56

Richard Cobbett has penned a review of Avadon for Rock, Paper, Shotgun. It's generally a positive article, despite some critcisms:

If you think you can tolerate the occasional rough edge though, Avadon has much to offer. It’s an enjoyable story, well told, and packed with great characters – of the main party, Nathalie the psychopathic mage quickly became a favourite, bouncing effortlessly from complaining that nobody understands her genius to staring up at another mage’s magic tower, effectively announcing “It will be mine. Oh yes…” and mentally trying to decide on the best wallpaper. It’s a different kind of story to your average RPG, but one that slides much better into the shades of grey of something like The Witcher than the pure dungeon-hackery of your average independent RPG. As simple as it looks, it’s one of those games that’s very easy to fire up for a few minutes, only to be magically transported without supper to 5AM the next day.

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