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The Witcher 2 - Roundup # 9 - More Reviews

by Aries100, 2011-05-31 20:36:17

More reviews from this game have surfaced, from what I'll call unusual places. First we have the Globe and Mail, next up is Metro.co.uk, third up is Tech World, and finally, the fourth review comes from Honest Gamers.

The Globe and Mail, no score, but they like it and think that

The Witcher 2 is an attractive, maddening, immersive, frustrating, compelling, confusing experience. It sets bold new standards in dark, adult fantasy while at the same time staying well away from mainstream accessibility. It’s the kind of game into which diehard fans of western RPGs—of which I am one—will sink their teeth, relishing the complex flavours of each glorious bite while at the same time cursing and picking out gristle from between their molars.

Metro.co.uk 6/10, despite the low score they seem to like the plot

What's most impressive is the effect some of the bigger decisions have on the storyline, with the plot carrying along an entirely different path depending on how you act. This is probably why the game is shorter than last time, at around 20 hours - but it's no excuse for the rushed and unsatisfying finale.

Tech World, no score, but they like that the game is made for a mature audience

One of the hallmarks of The Witcher 2 is its maturity. This doesn't just apply to the gore or sexual content. Yes, the limbs of your foes fly as you chop through the enemy, and Geralt does engage in "adult situations" with some of the game's female characters (although the sex cards are gone). But like the first game, the maturity applies to the reactions of NPCs and the entire story. Witchers aren't exactly embraced by the people, and many react with fear or disgust when Geralt appears. Some children even get scared. It's nice to see characters have such reactions.

Honest Gamers, 7/10, they see Witcher 2 as a mediocre game, complain about things like
the difficulty curve:

The difficulty curve is all wrong, too. This is one of a very special few games that manages to get easier the further you progress into it. After the first few hours your skill tree opens up, and suddenly, with each level, you’re an increasingly formidable opponent. Yet your enemies never quite scale up in the same way, meaning that by midway through Chapter 2 the difficulty problems have largely ironed themselves out. It’s a relief when that happens, but it really should have been the difficulty of the opening that was addressed, not that of the rest of the game.

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