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Fable 3 - Review @ GameBanshee

by Aries100, 2011-06-06 22:32:52

GameBanshee has a 5-page review up for this game. No score, but the review covers combat, variety, exploration, quest design, story. It also covers the user interface, the inventory, the control systems used for the pc version. And two small reviews for the two important dlcs for this game, Understone Quest Pack and Traitor's Keep, as well.

Thus we come to the conclusion, the reviewer's, that is:

I can recommend Fable III, but with a very big “but” attached to it, and with the advisement that you may want to wait for a lower price if you’re still on the fence. While there’s more than your money’s worth in Fable III, the numerous design issues and over-simplified mechanics simply can’t be ignored by even the most forgiving fans. It's the worst Fable game, no question, but that doesn't mean it's an outright bad one, just underwhelming, and maybe a little out of steam after all these years. It's fairly inevitable that there will be a Fable IV at this point, so hopefully when it does come, it will finally remedy so many of these problems that have come to a head in Fable III, while preserving those very same things that make the franchise iconic and enjoyable.

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