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Risen 2 - Preview @ World of Risen

by Gorath, 2011-06-07 19:12:52

World of Risen posted a brand new Risen 2: Dark Waters preview ( and here in German). Last week publisher Deep Silver showed their E3 presentation to the German press, and it seems the embargo went up an hour ago. Expect many other previews with identical content over the next few days.

The author cuts right to the chase. His article is a good start if you want to know where the Risen series is heading.

The combat system has also been redone. Since you will not fight with shield and sword but with cutlass or pistol, one hand remains free. That can be used for different other actions. At this point the so called »Dirty Tricks« come into play. You will be able to throw sand into your opponent’s eyes. Or to confuse him with your pet parrot. The spectrum of firearms will be large. Weapons with one or more barrels, muskets, shotguns, pistols or special ammunition are supposed to provide a wide variety of firearms. Special attacks are sometimes more effective than normal attacks. By the way: The really good firearms are reserved to people who play friends with the Inquisition. As usual, the richest people have the best weapons.

Expected release date: Not before Q1/2012.

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