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The Witcher 2 - Review @ Witcher2Game

by Dhruin, 2011-06-08 00:02:50

Witcher 2 fansite Witcher2Game sent in their review, which carries a score of 4/5. A sample:

Strangely, the “survival of the fittest” pace which had been set during the prologue relaxed so much during the game’s next chapter than I found myself wishing I could have switched them around. Chapter I is filled with the same features we’re forced to learn during the frenetic prologue, from QTEs to casting spells to hacking and slashing through waves of monsters to save frightened townsfolk or rescue damsels and wastrels in distress, but the overall feel is one of relaxation. Add in old friends like Triss, Dandelion and Zoltan Chivay, and Geralt’s sojourn in the village of Flotsam felt almost like a vacation compared to the death, fireballs and wild struggle to save my skin I experienced during the prologue.

The game’s second chapter moves quickly, and while the pace isn’t quite as breakneck as the prologue, I still found myself scurrying to keep up with the imminent danger and mercurial politicians of Aedirn and Kaedwen. Chapter II is beautiful and offers many new and familiar faces with great voice acting, solid writing and beautiful graphics to introduce players to the Aedirnian city of Vergen. But if Chapter I was a stroll through the woods, Chapter II was a rough ride on a fast horse, and I felt as if I never quite got my bearings on how to navigate the multiple parallel plot lines Geralt is forced to deal with upon his departure from Temeria.

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