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Avadon - Review @ Malaysian Gamer

by Dhruin, 2011-06-08 00:09:24

Avadon has been reviewed at Malaysian Gamer. There's not score but the article is mildly positive, with the author not liking the turn-based combat sustem but finding the narrative worth the trip:

Combat is very challenging though, and you’ll have to use health potions and your magic well if you want to survive the tougher combat situations. Thankfully you can lower the difficulty anytime during the game, so if you just want to move on and get more of the story of Avadon, you can. To me, combat only interested me only for a while. I got tired of the same rigmarole(don’t get me wrong, there are many different new types of enemies, but it’s the same course of action every time). It certainly isn’t as good as any pure turn based tactical game. Merely okay.

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