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Dungeons of Dredmor - On Shipping

by Dhruin, 2011-06-08 22:06:30

No, they're not quite there but this blog post at Gaslamp Games says Dredmor is "so close to the end it's amazing" and discusses getting that polish on a game that makes all the difference:

Shipping a game is the single most painful part of the development experience. As Citizen Daniel recently pointed out, most of the major Dredmor design decisions were made months ago, if not years ago. David took the spartan mechanics that we originally had and have polished them until they glisten. Most of the major UI strategies were worked out months ago in our basement bunker, when we originally decided to start adding tooltips to the game (a move I initially resisted, but now can’t imagine the game without.) All the content has been around for awhile. So what are we doing now? Really, all we’re doing is polishing. Polish, polish, and more polish. Of the bugs in the tracker, there is only one known crash bug in the game: if you put spores in an alchemy kit, the game will crash. (Spores are a miscellaneous item and hence a bit broken in places.) Everything else consists of little things: graphical alignment issues, UI errors, readability issues, things not firing when they should be firing, dealing with scenarios that most people won’t encounter in normal gameplay. And yet, we’re fixing them.

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