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Two Worlds II: PotFF - Preview @ RPGamer

by Dhruin, 2011-06-15 00:09:01

Two Worlds II: Pirates of the Flying Fortress has been previewed at RPGamer. Some of the topics covered include new voice cast, improved animations, horse riding tweaks and new islands with more than one dock. Weather is also promised - let's see if it makes an appearance this time.

Other new features include new hair styles and faces to choose from during character creation. Horse Armor has been added to the game in order to give your steeds more customization options and more of a fighting chance out in the world. I was also told that the actual mechanic of riding horses has been improved, making riding horses far less of a chore than it should be. In addition, there is a new class of ranged weapons, crossbows, which are very powerful, but reload slowly. The map has been improved with a boat and horse marker, so you will never lose your boat or horse again. In general, the game is also far more sailing friendly. All of the new islands are approachable and dockable from all sides so you no longer have to search for a suitable place to anchor your boat. The freedom you are given to move around the island chain with your boat adds a lot to the pirate theme of the game and should prove more fun than the base game.

Thanks, Inside Two Worlds.

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