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Torchlight II - Preview @ RPS

by Dhruin, 2011-06-16 22:30:30

There's an E3 hands-on preview for Torchlight II at Rock, Paper, Shotgun:

Torchlight II is huge.

The size isn’t the biggest change; that would be the addition of overworld to the underworld. The first Torchlight had you going down and down and down from the main town, through increasingly nasty randomly generated levels, as well as visiting secondary dungeons through scrolls. This version has overland areas as its main arena, with dungeon mouths scattered throughout them. We’re playing through one of the two overland areas in the first of the game’s four acts (only one of which isn’t set outside) and it’s mentally large. Even Brock at one point says, worried, “I think you made this level too big. It’s seriously big. There’s a lot of South.”

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