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Two Worlds II: PotFF - Previews @ GamesRadar, Worthplaying

by Dhruin, 2011-06-16 22:55:07

GamesRadar has a very short look at Two Worlds II: Pirates of the Flying Fortress from E3.

It’s okay to be surprised – we were too. But once we stopped saying “Two million? But we only know one person who played that game!” we realized we actually rather liked what we saw. The developer has been listening closely to a lot of the fan complaints and at this point it seems like they’re sparing no expense to improve the TWII experience. For example, they’re ripping out a lot of the dialogue and have re-cast some of the lead characters due to complaints. They’ve improved the combat engine, animations, and added an all-new facial animation system.

...and Worthplaying has an even shorter two-paragraph glimpse:

Coming out as an expansion for Two Worlds II, Pirates of the Flying Fortress will add a slew of new content and features. At the core of the game is the new story line that covers over 10 hours of gameplay, further bolstered by a multitude of side-quests and exploration. The plot stands alone from the original, so people who didn't finish the main story can still hop right in. In addition to the new plot content, the expansion will incorporate an all-new technology for facial animations, combat animations, lip-synching and voice-overs.

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