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RPGWatch Feature: Dungeons of Dredmor Interview

by Dhruin, 2011-06-19 14:46:35

With Dredmor almost ready to ship, Skavenhorde catches up with Gaslamp to discuss this humorous, graphical roguelike. Here's a snip:

RPGWatch: What are some of the main stats and secondary stats that the character will have?

David: The six primary stats are Burliness, Nimbleness, Sagacity, Caddishness, Stubbornness, and Savvy. We used to have normal stat names but one day I was listening to a podcast on pen & paper RPG design and it brought up the point that you should focus the mechanics of your game on what the game is actually about. Is the game about hope? - make "hope" a stat. When you make a stat it becomes something the player will focus on and will be rewarded for focusing on.

Dredmor doesn't have anything as avant-garde as "hope" as a stat, but I figured we could make these names a little more interesting to signal to the player that they weren't dealing with a normal game here, and that these stat names might imply a bit of undermining of the usual upstanding heroic virtues.

Anyway, these primary stats trickle down to a ton of secondary stats that actually matter in game. Some are pretty obvious like "dodge", "melee power", and "alchemy level".

Less obvious is "enemy dodge reduction" which I ought to explain: Basically, a Real Hero never misses, right? What actually happens is that the enemy dodges an attack which was aimed true (of course). So instead of increasing your ability to not-miss, you're really reducing the enemy's ability to dodge your attacks. It makes sense!

Read it all here.

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