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Ossian Studios - The Shadow Sun - More Delays

by Dhruin, 2011-06-20 22:44:02

Remember Ossian's iDevice project, The Shadow Sun? Been delayed again, it seems:

We are pushing back the release of The Shadow Sun for a second time, this time until Fall 2011. The main reason for this is art, which has taken more time and more artists than we anticipated. The game is a monster in terms of art asset requirements, not just in the large amount that’s needed but also because everything in the game is made from scratch according to our design to suit the world’s flavour.

Production of things like monsters, characters, buildings, trees, props, and visual effects are all managed by Ossian’s art director, and not bought as generic assets from a digital store. And when it comes to the areas created for the game, every area made by our level design team is unique and never re-used. Interior areas for palaces, sewer dungeons, caves, taverns, and even peasant houses are all different. That kind of tailored attention takes time, with each area requiring props, collision, and lightmapping.

So rest assured, The Shadow Sun is coming. And we are doing our utmost to make it the highest quality game possible! We appreciate you hanging in there for its release. :)

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