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Dungeon Siege 3 - Interview @ Eurogamer

by Aries100, 2011-06-21 21:20:38

Eurogamer talked with the game's Lead Designer, Nathaniel Chapman about Obsidian's reputation, DS3's reception, a short comment on Obsidian's next game as well as if gamers can expect bug-free games. A snippet about this:

I've played games that are more buggy than other games but I enjoyed them a lot more. It's hard for me to say whether gamers have a right to less buggy games. Where a developer spends their time is often... It takes time to fix bugs and it also takes a certain... there are some really ambitious games that have bugs because they're ambitious, and they don't have the time [to fix them], or they spend time on making the content cooler rather than fixing the bugs.

Source: GameBanshee

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