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Mount&Blade - Patch 1.41 Released

by Aries100, 2011-06-22 17:21:02

A patch updating M&B:With Fire & Swords to version 1.41 has been released. A content  update video has been released on youtube. And here's some of the patch notes:

General Gameplay:
- Firearms have been rebalanced.
- Firearms have been given refined melee animations.
- All Melee weapons have been rebalanced.
- Horses have been made faster and rebalanced.
- Characters can now crouch. The default key is 'z'.
- New troop orders for volley firing and line formations.
- Added new types of ranged ammunition, ex: piercing arrows.
- Pikes have two types of thrusting attacks.
- Reloading interrupted by being hit is now continued where it left off.
- Switching to pistols is now quicker whereas switching to muskets has been made slower.
- New grenade explosion/damage system.
- New tactics introduced via crouching pikemen/marksmen formations.

Patch can be downloaded from here or here.

Source: GameBanshee

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