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Torchlight II - Preview Roundup

by Aries100, 2011-06-22 21:51:09

A few preview has surfaced for this game, courtesy of this year's E3. I'll quote from one from one of them and list the others. First we have RPGFan:

Torchlight II is an impressive-looking upcoming title; even though details are relatively scarce, my hands-on time with the title was quite fun. Runic hasn't set a solid date for the title, but it will be released sometime in the summer, followed by a Mac port, and possibly an Xbox Live Arcade port forthcoming after these are completed. With some spiffy graphics, addictive gameplay, and brand new character classes, Runic should have another winner on their hands. It's not often that games are good, clean fun, but Torchlight II is the type of game that has that and only that - there's no fat on it.

And the others:

Marooners' Rock


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