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Dungeon Siege 3 - Review Roundup # 5

by Aries100, 2011-06-23 20:49:29

Yet more review have surfaced for this game. I'll quote from two of them and list the others.

First up is NY Daily News 3/5

Not here. For some odd reason, Obsidian tries to add a strong narrative with limited success. You get to make decisions with a dialogue wheel that’s “Mass Effect”-inspired, and these decisions affect the narrative. But the dialogue scenes never make you care, especially because of the camera frames these scenes as unattractively as possible, forcing you to stare at your own party’s backs.

Then we have GameReactor 7/10

Dungeon Siege III's biggest problem is that it obviously can't figure out whether to lean more towards a more hack'n'slash romp or traditional RPG, and therefore probably will disappoint both camps due to the fence-sitting. Towards the end is a blood-bath of swinging swords and cast spells, and some puzzles would have been welcome to break up the action.

And then the others:

GameTrailers has a video review 6.3/10

ParaNerds 8.5/10

GamesDailyNews 7/10

Gaming Age B

Cheat Code Central 3.6/5

Dealspwn 6/10

Bit Gamer 50%

TenTonHammer 82/100

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