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Risen 2 - Preview Roundup # 2

by Aries100, 2011-06-27 21:33:55

More previews for this game has appeared. I'll quote from one of them and list the rest:

First up is RPGSite

It goes without saying that the developers of Risen 2 heard all the complaints that their first game received and quickly set to work completely overhauling each and every single issue that they could find that fans had problems with. Even the guy demoing the game for us admitted that even they thought that the "characters looked like shit" along with the animations and graphics. Instead of suffering from bland and muddy environments, the living, breathable world is bursting with vibrant colors, big bright skies, deep oceans, and and extremely lush vegetation thanks to the inclusion of tone mapping that makes everything pop. The game even includes dynamic lighting, weather, and creeping shadows.

And then others:




Source: GameBanshee

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