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Risen 2 - Preview Roundup # 3

by Aries100, 2011-06-30 18:26:53

Two more previews for this game have surfaced. First up is GameFocus:

The gameplay demo ended with a visit to a beautiful waterfall. Piranha Bytes stated they want to create a living, breathing world with a variety of creatures. Areas are hand-drawn and each island only has to be loaded once upon arrival to create a seamless adventure. The graphical leap between games was apparent and the shift to a greener setting definitely helped.

Then we have Atomic Gamer:

In Risen 2, you'll also have your own pirate ship with crew. (Like Mass Effect's Normandy, but with sails and a mast.) Over the course of the game, you'll pick up new members of your crew, an interesting cast of characters that you can also recruit as sidekicks when going inland. I asked whether this is a full sailing sim or whether it has any elements of Sid Meier's Pirates!, but was told that no, it diluted the focus of Piranha Bytes' own brand of action-RPG, and didn't feel like it fit in the world. So the answer is that while you do have your own ship to explore and play around in, you'll likely just be clicking areas on a map to go to them.

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