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Dungeon Siege 3 - Patched

by Dhruin, 2011-06-30 23:22:30

Obsidian has launched a new blog format and the first item - other than a greeting from Feargus - is news of a Dungeon Siege 3 patch that offers keybinding and strafing. I received a Steam update for DS3 yesterday so presumably it has already been released:

With Dungeon Siege III‘s release across the world, we’ve been very busy reading what everyone’s saying and we’re listening!  Two of the most talked about features folks have wanted for the PC version are coming within the next week in a free Steam update:

Keybinding: Don’t like some or all of the default key controls in DS3?  Fear not! With the new keybinding tab in the Options menu, you’ll be able to remap the controls to however you prefer them. Each control option has two bindable keys, so if you like having one function controlled by two different keys, that is available as well. (As an example, some people might like having both W and Up Arrow as options to move forward.)

Move Left and Right: In addition, we’ve added two new controls that will allow you to move left or right (think strafing.)  For example, if you’d rather have A and D on your keyboard move your character left and right respectively instead of rotate the camera, you’ll now be able to set that as well.

Even though Dungeon Siege III has shipped, we’re not done!  There’s still a lot planned on the horizon – stay tuned!

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