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Of Orcs and Men - Interview @ RPG Italia

by Dhruin, 2011-07-02 00:55:14

RPG Italia caught up with Cyanide's Thomas Veauclin and Sylvain Sechi to discuss Of Orcs and Men. A sample:

RPG Italia: Can you tell us what kind of game Of Orcs and Men is? What are the famous RPGs closer to his game experience?

Cyanide Studio: Of Orcs and Men is an RPG set in a dark fantasy world where the mature storyline is at the center of the player’s adventure. We are big fans of the Mass Effect and Vampire The Masquerade series.

RPG Italia: When the development of the game has started? How many people are working on “Of Orcs and Men”?

Cyanide Studio: The work on the universe, story and gameplay started 3 years ago now, but the proper development really began with Spiders, seven months ago. We’re developing “Of Orcs and Men” with the French video game studio Spiders, who are huge RPG fans.

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