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Mount&Blade - Patch 1.42 Released

by Dhruin, 2011-07-04 22:16:52

A new patch for With Fire and Sword:

This weekend With Fire & Sword reloads again with more free content, download the patch now to experience all the new features!

  • Two new multiplayer modes: Captain Battle and Captain Co-op! Giving players amazing new ways to compete and cooperate.
  • Three brand new multiplayer maps custom made for Captain Co-op mode.
  • New dramatic lighting effects for all multiplayer maps, provides a fresh new look for every map.
  • 21 Steam achievements such as 'Lock Stock & Three Smoking Barrels' & 'Na Zdorovie!'
  • Further balances and refinements to Single-Player mode's weapons & armor; making melee even more viable than before.

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