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Deus Ex: Human Revolution - 12 Minute Video and More

by Dhruin, 2011-07-06 22:14:52

IGN has some Deus Ex: Human Revolution coverage that has spilled over to other places on the 'web. The most impotant bit is a 12 minute gameplay video with developer commentary, which I'm going to link via Rock, Paper, Shotgun; here's their intro:

Check it out. Here are twelve (count ‘em!) minutes of hot Deus Ex: Human Revolution footage, courtesy of the overflowing infinite video vat at IGN. Eidos Montreal Director Jean-Francois Dugas shows us around a section of the game located in “Tai Young Medical”, where Jensen is on a critical mission to collect some information from a data core. Why is it always a data core? It’s never data-lollipops or data-bears… Hmm.

IGN also has an interview with Art Director Jonathon Jacques-Belletete about the art style:

IGN: Do you think the Bladerunner Cyberpunk style is old hat?

Because Cyberpunk's been done quite a bit, I wanted to bring something new to it, and I started analysing all the transhumanist themes. Quite rapidly, you start seeing this connection with the renaissance period, because it was about the humanistic and we're dealing with transhumanistic stuff; the renaissance was, if you want, the beginning of the transhumanist era. If you want to upgrade a system, you first need to be able to understand how the system functions at its basics, and the renaissance is the first time in the west when we start going back into antiquities research and understanding the human machine. That's where transhumanism starts, understanding how the machine functions, and then in 2027 we upgrade that machine.

In related news, Blue's reports that Square Enix is suing 15 individuals for leaking a preview build a few months back.

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