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Age of Decadence - July Update

by Dhruin, 2011-07-07 22:15:43

The Age of Decadence lead artist Oscar has posted a new update on the Iron Tower forums. Saying they are working on "graphics, performance, gameplay", Oscar covers their recent work including GUI improvements, text adventures and testing the upcoming demo:

We're testing the demo portion of the game extensively, going over everything, taking notes, and fixing/adding things daily. Thoroughly testing a quest takes awhile due to the number of possible options and outcomes. The fact that everything is skill- and event-based (some options aren’t even shown if you don’t have the right skills or didn’t do something a certain way) makes things even more complicated.  Key characters Feng and Dellar have over 15 different conversation triggers (other than quest reporting) just for Teron; they all need to be tested. We’re slowly learning what everyone in the industry already knows – non-linear games with multiple solutions are a bitch to develop. Oh well…

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