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Avadon - Review @ DieHardGamerFan

by Aries100, 2011-07-07 22:31:18

Diehard GameFan has a review up for this game. The reviewer calls it a solid rpg, but notices that the game probably mostly is for old school gamers. Here's a quote about the story:

The story-telling here is done pretty well, showing the player the strength of Avadon and then showing you people going against it and even where the Pact is at its weakest. There are lots of little hidden characters throughout the game with some great stories and it seems nearly everyone you interact with has some kind of backstory and really fleshes out the world. While not the most original or most standout RPG story I’ve played, the world and characters are very intriguing and seeing the subtle changes your actions make in the world come across as you play is always welcome.

A snip from the conclusion:

The price is right, it’s on a number of platforms, it plays well, has a really decent combat and level system, and is all around a solid RPG. The game has a few things going against it is that it’s not flashy, and it is still very old school even with a few of the more recent character building options.

Source: GameBanshee

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