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The Witcher 2 - Review @ GameCritics - Modding Tools Coming

by Aries100, 2011-07-09 21:40:50

GameCritics has a review up for Wicther 2 - the score is 5.5/10 - and here's why in a few excerpts:

About the combat:

Then there's the actual combat, which is even more problematic than the potion-chugging prep work. Even with the simplified controls, Geralt's actions are extremely sluggish, and there's often a slight delay between when I press a button and when he actually does something. Such a delay can be a massive headache when being attacked from behind does 200% damage, or when I need to throw a bomb to stop an incoming group of Rotfiends. Worse still, the game has a nasty habit of spiking the difficulty, especially when facing multiple enemies. When up against a large group, there will inevitably be a ton of running around in circles using ranged attacks and bombs (a practice commonly known as kiting), which gets old very fast.

About the story:

The story of the Witcher 2 is a sleepy, tired, Tolkien-esque fantasy slog with some softcore porn thrown in. I had a hard time keeping an interest in the game's world (yes, including the porny bits), and it didn't help that the writers assumed a lot of familiarity on my part regarding its details. Based on a popular series of fantasy novels, Witcher 2 presents a lot of people and places that a player won't necessarily be familiar with, and then doesn't do much to introduce them or provide illuminating context. I'm certainly the kind of player that loves digging into a game's lore, but even that didn't help much since the available lore doesn't shed much light on anything.

Thanks to Luki1234567 in the Witcher 2 thread at the Bioware forums   and Kicek11 in this Witcher 2 thread at GOG   for finding this.

On a lighter, yet somehow related note, modding tools will be coming for Witcher 2.
CDP RED's Andrzej Kwiatkowski confirms it in this thread on the Witcher 2 forums at GOG.
Here's the official word:

We fully endorse The Witcher 2 modding and we plan to release modding tools. Nothing has changed since our last statement on that matter. Unfortunately we don't have any timeline of the release.

Thanks to slimgrim in the Witcher 2 thread at the Bioware forums for finding this.

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