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Frayed Knights - The Manual: Feats, Part 1

by Dhruin, 2011-07-13 00:59:55

Jay Barnson has posted a section of the manual for Frayed Knights, covering part of the Feats in the upcoming game. Here's part of the intro and head over to read about the actual Feats:

Today I thought I’d post part of the section on Feats.  The more boring part, actually – it’s all attribute enhancements and proficiency skills. Boring, but very valuable to have. The more fun and interesting feats will be in part two, which I will post later this week. I wish to stress that while we’re pretty close to the end,  none of this is 100% cast in stone. We might even add new feats or change things post-release, as far as I am concerned. But for now – this is how it is.

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