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Obsidian Entertainment - MCA Interview @ Memory is Fiction

by Dhruin, 2011-07-14 00:14:40

Obsidian is pointing out an interview with Chris Avellone at Memory is Fiction, with an emphasis on storytelling and KotOR 2:

4. What do you think players gain when developers provide narrative explanations for game mechanics, such as how you explain the concept of “leveling” through killing in KOTOR II as an ultimately negative facet of the main character’s spiritual sickness?

I regret that particular decision (it still doesn’t fully click with me), although I’m always in favor of narrative supporting the game mechanics (Planescape: Torment – immortality as a device to remember skills vs. leveling, and also to skip the death-and-loading screen). I do prefer when narrative designers take the time to reinforce cool game mechanics through narrative elements (the reputation system in Fallout New Vegas has dramatic impacts on your narrative experience in the game, and that’s a good thing). I do feel it’s part of a narrative designer’s responsibility to clarify, support, and heighten the game’s mechanics whenever possible.

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