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Bruno Bonnell Interview @ The Street

by Kalia, 2006-06-04 23:46:00
Sorcerer's Place found this interesting interview with Bruno Bonnell. Bonnell, one of the founders of Infogrames, parent company of Atari, was interviewed by The Street, a market-watch company. Of specific interest to our readers is the fact that, as most know, there has been much speculation about how Atari's financial health would impact the release and subsequent support of Neverwinter Nights 2.

There have been questions that have been raised -- that you guys have raised yourselves -- about your ability to continue as a going concern. Where do things stand now?

Well, you have different aspects here. You have the public information that we owe to our shareholders and the analysis from outside auditors about the status of the company. And there is the reality of the business from an everyday basis.

I would say on the first front, our financials are two weeks away. We posted a fairly serious nine months. I don't think people are expecting anything from the last quarter of the year; and if they were, it would be, probably, a mistake.

You guys have warned that you are in danger of having your stock delisted. What's the status on resolving that?

We have between nine months and a year to resolve this issue. There is a very easy way to do it, which is to optically change the trading price by reverse-split. If you do this in market conditions which are not good, you have the risk that people are actually downplaying your stock, so you degrade the value. I would say that's the last resort, that's the last way to get off the hook of the delisting.

I'm expecting that with different announcements and different results we'll have over the next six months, we'll have a situation where we don't need to have concern about delisting anymore.

There is MUCH more to read in the article. Click here.
Source: Sorcerer's Place

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