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Dungeons of Dredmor - The Next Patch

by Dhruin, 2011-07-17 13:57:12

From the Gaslamp blog:

EXALTATIONS UNTO KRONG! While he cannot disclose any sales numbers, he is exceedingly pleased by sales of Dungeons of Dredmor, bringing Krong in all his glory to the masses (and also that slimy, good-for-nothing Lutefisk God.) Long has his anvil-shaped heart awaited this moment, and he thanks his chosen Mightily.

Nonetheless, he hears the people crying. “Krong,” they say, “why hast thou forsaken us? Our game, it crashes. Our game, it has small icons. Our game, it lacks keyboard binding interfaces, yea, and other certain necessities.” And Krong didst look upon his people, in their despair… and wept.

And lo, so it came to pass that Krong didst re-chain Gaslamp Games to their anvils, and Gaslamp Games has come forth in order to help the people. And lo, a great Patch came to pass upon the land, to be released Early Next Week.

What is in said patch? Krong is so very, very glad you asked.The following bugs have been fixed:
- Fixed: Anvils of Krong spawning in hallways for no good reason
- Fixed: crash that occurred when moving up stairs or down stairs, randomly
- Fixed: Knightly Leap now covers the full span of Knight Movements.
- Fixed: shopkeepers doing odd things when picking up and dropping items after load/save
- Fixed: crash when using invalid missile sprites
- Fixed: merchandise not cleared when you go downstairs
- Fixed: backwards conditional logic on ranged monster attacks means that monsters were not consistently casting spells; fixing this makes the Dungeon 95.2% nastier.
- Fixed: Current Active Skill crossing over between new games
- Fixed: the bug with save games overwriting themselves if you have two characters with kind of the same name.

And the following new things shalt be added:

- Key binding interface.
- Automatic Saves in the Case of Crashes.
- Changes to how Permadeath works. We’ll now delete the file when you actually die.
- Auto-loot toggle.
- SHIFT-Click and Click Reversal Button. (Makes SHIFT-Click work like CLICK! Makes CLICK work like SHIFT-Click!)
- Rapid selling of items in the store, yea, by holding the SHIFT-Click button and smacking the inventory while standing in a shop.
- Fifty New Achievements
- Steam Overlay Support, yea, though it is Experimental and Requires your Graphics Card To Support OpenGL
- In-game Leaderboards, Yea, For Messing With Your Friends
- Steak Grilling
- Magnification of UI elements to TWICE their Size (Yea, Though We Know Not How Far We Can Get With This In The Allotted Time, Though We Are Working On It)

All Glory Unto Krong!

EDIT: There will be future patches. We’re not dealing with content and gameplay balancing yet because we want to get this stuff fixed. Likewise, we’re not turning on the Mod Support yet because we want to get the core gameplay fixed. Et cetera, et cetera.

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