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Age of Decadence - Starting Stats Survey

by Dhruin, 2011-07-20 01:15:47

The Age of Decadence artist Oscar has asked fans to create starting characters on the Iron Tower forums to help them put together some default characters. For those following the game, it might give some small insight into different character builds:

How would you distribute the points on the different character backgrounds? We are curious to see the kind of characters you would make, and also use that information to make some default distribution of stats depending on the background. You will be able to change them, of course.


- 40 points to distribute among 6 stats: Strength - Dexterity - Constitution - Perception - Intelligence - Charisma.
- Minimum 4 points - Maximum 10.
- The backgrounds are: Assassin - Thief - Knight - Loremaster - Grifter - Merchant- Mercenary (drifter will have no default distribution).

Please give the stats distribution for all backgrounds. Go! Smile

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