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Frayed Knights - The Manual: Spells, Part 3

by Dhruin, 2011-07-22 22:40:59

This third installment of Spells from the Frayed Knights manual offers "a dozen sample spells from Divine and Dark Magic":

All of the priest spell lines get the core healing spells, though they come at different levels and endurance costs. Divine casters get access to the spells earlier than Nature casters, who in turn get them earlier than Dark Magic casters. Besides earlier direct-healing, Divine Magic gets unique access to anti-undead spells, restoration magic, and some “buffs” that directly affect defense, accuracy, and armor. Dark Magic, by contrast, gets the most spells that do damage-over time and cripple opponents with direct attribute loss.  Nature magic emphasizes healing-over time and augmentation of attributes, though it’s a little more general than the other priest magic lines.

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