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E.Y.E. - Interview @ RPS

by Dhruin, 2011-07-29 00:22:12

Rock, Paper, Shotgun has interviewed StreumOnStudio’s Christophe Longuepee about E.Y.E, which is described as having finished development with the release imminent. I must say my personal interest dropped with an emphasis on "fast-paced combat" and player skill - here's a snip:

RPS: Okay! What sort of game is E.Y.E.? What kind of experiences are you hoping to offer players?

Longuepee: E.Y.E is a FPS/RPG game, rather old school, and banking on a fast-paced combat gameplay. The player dives in a very dark Cyberpunk world (we’re not talking about the lack of lights in the maps, as said in some comments, it looks like a French specialty, sort of like cooking, cute girls, or bad moods) where he embodies an assassin, torn apart between his sense of duty and his friendship with his mentor. We wanted to put an emphasis on the player’s skills rather than his avatar’s characteristics.

The RPG part is very present in the dialogues and the choices that player’s character will make, that will influence the events and the scenario of the game. Another priority for us was to offer the player an immersion and a freedom of choice as powerful and complete as possible.

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